Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Jogger Freedom Advanced Mobility Stroller - A Review

Honestly, it is a joy to know that the Freedom was designed to open up a whole new world. Children and small adults with physical disabilities can now enjoy excursions to the beach, park or hiking trails with their families. Hiking, jogging, beach or snow, go places a wheel chair would not go.

The "Freedom" folds easily, simple and light to use and it is Suitable up to a weight limit of 200 lb. Reclining seat. Adjustable 5-point harness. Padded seat back for extra comfort. Large foot plate. Folded (L x W x H): 78 x 120 x 208 cm. Unfolded (L x W x H): 161 x 120 x 261 cm. Handle height: 161 cm. Weight: 16 kg. Seat specifications: Maximum reclining seat angle 138 degrees. Seat to canopy 64.77cm. Seat Back Height 59.69cm. Seat back width 30.48cm. Seat to inside of knee 38 cm. Shoulder width 38 cm. Back of knee to foot plate 38 cm. Width at knee 41.9 cm.

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